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We manage the following human resources needs for you:

• Employee Benefits Solutions
• Human Resources Solutions
• Payroll Solutions
• Professional Development Solutions
• Risk Management Services
• Workforce Recruitment Solutions

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Workforce Recruitment Solutions
PermaStaff understands that finding quality employees is not an easy task and the employees are a companies most valuable resource. Most business owners donít really have the time or resources to dedicate to this all-important aspect of a business. PermaStaff can help, customizing plans that will suit your needs. We provide:

  • Job descriptions
  • Resume review
  • Interviewing
  • Salary planning & administration
  • Job posting services
  • Background checks
  • Pre-employment testing

Professional Development Solutions
How much time do you spend developing your employees? If you’re like most business managers, that is not enough! Far too often, the demands of a growing business leave little time to develop your employees. As a result, performance suffers, and so do profits. PermaStaff can help. As a PermaStaff client, you have access to a wide range of employee development and training services, including:

  • Performance management plans
  • Compensation and incentive plans
  • Employee relationship management
  • Supervisor training solutions
  • Industry-specific, customized training (by arrangement)

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