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We manage the following human resources needs for you:

• Employee Benefits Solutions
• Human Resources Solutions
• Payroll Solutions
• Professional Development Solutions
• Risk Management Services
• Workforce Recruitment Solutions

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Human Resources Solutions
Human resources compliance is complex and the area of greatest exposure to any business. FMLA, EEOC, ADA, HIPAA, COBRA, FLSA, and FCRA are just a few of the federal laws that regulate your management of employees. Yet, HR compliance is typically assigned to a clerical employee untrained in these complicated legal issues. Protect your business by allowing PermaStaff to manage your HR compliance.

Because PermaStaff’s specialty is human resources, we deliver a full suite of services to handle all of your Human Resource needs. As your off-site HR department, PermaStaff will:

  • Provide compliant employee handbooks for all your staff
  • Assist with policy preparation and implementation
  • Give you access to our intuitive forms library
  • Provide an HR Q&A service
  • Supply confidential maintenance of employee records
  • Help with job description development
  • Perform salary evaluation and analysis
  • Develop supervisory training
  • Assist with proper procedures for implementing and maintaining a substance abuse policy
  • Assist with compliance of all federal and state laws that regulate your industry

Payroll Solutions
PermaStaff will manage all of your payroll processing needs. We offer a state-of-the-art payroll system that will give your company precision tools to help you manage your business. Some features include:

  • Workforce Management: Manage every aspect of the employee life cycle in one place using our software.
  • Complete Payroll Processing
  • eEmployee Self-Help: Employees have immediate security-protected access to information such as:
    • Paycheck information, including the most recent paycheck and year-to-date pay summaries
    • Benefits summaries
    • Key employment dates
    • Salary and performance review dates
    • Assigned company property
  • eManagement: Your management team—including line managers, supervisors, HR managers, and administrators—can view employee achievement records, allowing them to positively impact the bottom line by increasing efficiency and reducing administrative costs.
  • eAdministration: Track vital employee stats and make changes instantly!
  • eHuman Resources: This program automatically tracks all HR-related information about your employees, including employment history, performance, job, and salary information, career development, and health and wellness programs.
  • Business Intelligence: PermaStaff’s Workforce Management provides the business intelligence that helps you make strategic business decisions. In addition to an extensive library of flexible and easy-to-use standard reports, PermaStaff’ leverages a suite of business intelligence tools from Cognos® to deliver the most powerful reporting and analysis package available today
  • Tax Filing: Tax filing hassles no longer exist—PermaStaff handles all of your employer matching taxes via our Co-Employment contract. Now you can eliminate the need for 940 and 941 tax filings and avoid possible late payment fees and costly CPA fees.


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